1663 W Harvard 
Roseburg Oregon 97471

Phil Dahl Owner/Operator 


  • Full Dentures
  • Implants (Locator and Ball Attachments)
  • Partials (Acetal Resin and Steel Clasp)
  • Immediate and Transitional Dentures
  • Relines
  • Steel Palates
  • Repairs
  • Over Dentures

Welcome to Cascade Denture Center!

Cascade Denture center is located at 1663 W Harvard in Roseburg Oregon. It is owned and operated by Phil Dahl who is a licensed Denturist with a passion for helping people look and feel their best.        

Phil has been involved in prosthetic dentistry for most of his life, but most certainly the last 40 years. When he was a young man he used to help his father Russell Dahl a Master Dental Laboratory Technician. This gave him a strong foundation and provided him the environment to fine tune the skills needed for this profession.

After Phil graduated from High school he enlisted into the U.S. Army Dental Corp. While serving he had the opportunity to work for Presidio of San Francisco's Dental Oral Surgery Department. He was given the opportunity to design and make artificial ears, noses and cleft palate splints for patients with birth defects. Needless to say Phil’s earlier experiences with prosthetics ranged deeper than just everyday dental applications.

Around 1976 Denturism had become quite the hot topic in the State of Oregon. At that time Phil and his family actively discussed getting involved with legalizing the profession of Denturism. After much discussion and everyone on board they decided to open offices in Medford and Klamath Falls. By doing this they were supporting the Denturist cause and were helping to create change.

During a fly fishing trip down the North Umpqua Phil decided to make Roseburg his home. Soon after the doors of Cascade Denture Center opened, and with this Phil became the first Denturist to practice in the Douglas County area.

In July of 1980 Phil was one of the first Denturist to receive his license in the State of Oregon. He actually took the first exam the Oregon State Board had to offer.  Along with receiving his initial certificate Phil has spent his career educating himself in the techniques and practices of his field. To date Phil has completed a number of certifications a few of which are: BPS certified Lab (Bio Prosthetic Service) by Ivoclar, He attended the Candular Lingualized Occlusion course at U.S.C. school of Dentistry, and is certified in non-interception prosthetics/ Geneva 2000.

While Phil is very comfortable with the subject of prosthetic dentistry he is always researching new and innovative techniques to make sure that he remains current with the ever changing times.

Among his other accomplishments Phil was a vital member of the team that helped to pass ballot measure 5. This measure was responsible for legalizing the practice and profession of Denturism we see today. This means that Denturists were now allowed to dispense to the public, and cut out the middle man as they used to say (dentists). In 2002 he became the President of the Oregon State Denturist Association and while in office Phil was instrumental in bringing to life ballot measure 24. This ballot was responsible for allowing Denturist to make and dispense partials. (This was not included in the original bill Measure 5) This bill also made is possible for denturists to have professional interactions with dentists. (patient referrals and working together to create a better outcome for the patients) Phil remained President of Oregon State Denturist Association right up to 2008.

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